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Maserati Mistral 4000 Coupe



First registration: 07.06.1968
Chassis no .: AM109A1 1668
Red color
Interior: leather, beige
Rims: Borrani wire spokes

Model history:

The Mistral is a typical upper-class GT, manufactured by the traditional Italian manufacturer Maserati. Introduced in 1963, a total of 828 units of the Mistral Coupé were produced from 1964 to 1970. The design comes from Pietro Frua, the body is made of sheet steel, later made of aluminum and is built on a frame made of rectangular steel tubing.

Doors and hoods are also made of light metal. The tried and tested inline six-cylinder with two overhead camshafts served as the drive. Initially with 3.5 ltr. Cubic capacity, later with 3.7 or 4.0 liters as with this vehicle.

For a long time, the Mistral was overshadowed by its successor, the Ghibli, but in recent years this long-distance sports car has become much more valued.

Vehicle history:

# 1668 was registered for the first time in Munich on June 7th, 1968. At that time it was already wearing the red paint. In the following decades the owners changed several times, the owner’s history is known, the original cardboard letter is available. Already in 1974 the vehicle was deregistered in the 4th hand and was shut down until 1986.

After it was put back into operation, the owner changed 3 times, the last owner has covered approx. 6,000 km since 2014 and made several trips and classic car events with this vehicle.
Restoration work has already been carried out on the car in the past, among other things, the car has been converted to more problem-free Weber carburetors and the bodywork has already been comprehensively repaired and painted. A photo documentation is available about this work, in which the beige leather interior was also overhauled.

The cylinder head was overhauled in 2015 and the injection was replaced earlier by Weber carburettors, which were most recently overhauled and adjusted by the carburetor specialist Victor Günther VGS.
The front and rear shock absorbers have been renewed, the rear brake system has new discs / pads and brake hoses. The electrics incl. Alternator has been overhauled, tires and tubes have been replaced.
The vehicle is equipped with a well-preserved beige leather interior and has freshly overhauled Borrani wire-spoke wheels.

Invoices for maintenance and repairs carried out since the 80s are available, since 2014 the vehicle has been looked after by the company Feierabend GmbH, among others.
An expert opinion from 2014 is available that attests the vehicle’s condition grade 2. The vehicle has an H-registration, the current mileage is approx. 56,200 km.


The car presented here is a correct Maserati Mistral with a proven history and a lot of original substance, which has a very authentic look and is ready for immediate use.
With this vehicle you can immediately go on the big journey and use it for its original purpose.

Price on request.
Sale takes place on behalf of the customer in accordance with § 25 USt.G (no VAT statement possible).

BMW Z8 black



Production date: 12.11.2001
First registration: 15.09.2002
Chassis no.: WBAEJ13442AH61523
Colour: black
Interior: black leather
Mileage: approx. 33.500 km
Next service: in approx. 20.000 km
TÜV/AU: July 2023


The BMW Z8 (internal model E52) was produced from March 2000 to July 2003.
The design, with its wide BMW kidney and side air intakes, is based on the BMW 507 produced from 1956 to 1959. The prototype, drawn by Henrik Fisker under Adrian van Hooydonk, was presented at the 1997 Motor Show in Tokyo under the designation BMW Z07. The production version was presented at the IAA in 1999 and built from March 2000. In the limited series, only 5.703 examples of the vehicle were produced.

The body consists of a self-supporting aluminium frame (spaceframe) with screwed-on covering parts. The front and rear bumpers as well as the rocker panels are made of elastically deformable polyurethane.

The rear lights have been innovatively designed in neon technology (the only vehicle in the world with this technology). The soft top is servo-assisted and a hardtop is supplied for the winter. The interior was always finished in leather.
The technology is based on the sedan M5 (E39S), the engine is a V8 with 5.0L cubic capacity and 294 KW at 6600 rpm. This allows superior driving performance. Acceleration 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100km/h, top speed is limited at 250 km/h. The power transmission is a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The vehicle always comes with full equipment, among others it includes this
equipment included:
Airbags, alarm system, ABS, cruise control, air conditioning, electrical steering column longitudinal adjustment, full leather, radio, telephone with hands-free system, navigation, hardtop, hardtop stand, alloy wheels, headlight washer system, xenon lights, headlight range adjustment.

Vehicle history:

This vehicle was originally manufactured in the U.S. and was registered in the state of Washington. Two additional keeper registrations followed in California. According to the CARFAX Vehicle History Report available, regular maintenance and services have been performed until 2011.

As of October 2011, the vehicle was listed for sale and later exported to Belgium in the spring of 2012, where the car was first registered on June 18, 2012.
In February 2019, the vehicle was exported to Germany and subsequently converted to meet German registration requirements. The registration of the vehicle took place in May 2019. For this purpose, taillights with yellow turn signals were mounted and the vehicle was recoded “European” (ECE). The radio is also recoded in EU design and repaired.
The hardtop in the colour of the car and roll stands are supplied with the vehicle.

In the spring of 2020, customer service with oil and oil filter renewal was carried out at 31.523 km, the spark plugs were renewed as well as the air filter and the V-belts. Furthermore, the brake discs on the front axle, the pads front, rear and hoses have been renewed.
In the fall of 2020, the front left headlight was renewed because the old headlight was covered with dust from the inside.

In 2021, the European rear bumper including new chrome trim was installed. New windshield with a new interior mirror installed. New soft top folding “straps” fitted and slight damage to soft top repaired.

The following defects are known to us:
– The front right fender area has been repaired respectively repainted.
– Due to age the vehicle has slight signs of use on the interior as well as on the exterior.
– Interior headliner of the hardtop has come loose.
– When warm, the taillights occasionally have temporary “dropouts”.
– Front axle tires from 2014, rear axle tires 2013.


Reliable car without a “service jam” with low mileage. Rare and noble colour combination, which was only built 667 times.

Price on request.
The sale takes place in accordance with § 25 USt.G (no VAT statement possible).

BMW 507 Silver


BMW 507

First registration: 25.11.1957
Chassis no.: 70 XXX
Engine no.: 70 XXX
Colour: Silber
Interior: black/white leather

Model history
The BMW 507 is regarded as the dream sports car of the late 1950s and the myth surrounding this model has grown even stronger in recent years. The BMW 507 is a popular collector’s item. The car, which has only been built 254 times, was the masterpiece of the designer Graf v. Goertz and the counterpart of the 300 SL, built by Mercedes Benz. The BMW 507 was first presented at the IAA in Frankfurt in the late summer of 1955.

BMW’s importer in the USA, Max Hoffmann, played a major role in the decision to develop the vehicle – he saw considerable sales opportunities in the USA. Production ran from autumn 1956 until summer 1959. Prominent buyers of the car included Alain Delon, John Surtees, Ursula Andress, Toni Sailer and Elvis Presley. The car is powered by a 150 hp (110 kW) eight-cylinder V-engine with a 3,168 cm3 cylinder capacity. Both the engine housing and the body are made of aluminium, and the tare weight of the car is 1,330 kg (including 110 litres of petrol). Technically, the BMW 507 is based on the BMW 501/502 limousine – box frame, independent front suspension and a rear rigid axle with torsion bar suspension all around.

Vehicle history
The vehicle is one of the very last built in 1957 and one of the few early vehicles of the “new″ 2nd series from that year. Thus, the car has the “right″ year of construction to participate in the legendary Mille Miglia and at the same time has the advantages of the 2nd series, with, among other things, more space in the interior, which particularly tall drivers will appreciate.

This car was officially the only BMW 507 delivered to Lebanon, which was considered the “Switzerland″ of the Middle East at the time. Later, the car made its way back to Germany  where the last previous owner commissioned another company to overhaul it extensively.

The original engine with the engine number matching the car is, as with many others, no longer available and was replaced in the course of the restoration by an identical (later) engine of identical design. It has internal improvements such as 11 reinforced stud bolts. Optionally, an original engine with the ‘40’ number from the 507 series in disassembled condition and in need of overhaul can be obtained for an additional charge. The engine runs reliably and powerfully, just as the whole car has a good driving impression. While in the current ownership, the car is regularly used for classic car rallies and meetings.

The optional Sahara radiator in a large design with improved cooling capacity gives additional safety in higher outside temperatures. The silver exterior paint and the colour scheme of the interior were the requests of the last previous owner. Originally, the car was delivered in the colour papyrus white.

The centre-lock rims, which were a rare and expensive accessory in the “original″ period, were retrofitted in the course of the restoration using high-quality reproduction parts and they give the car an even sportier character. Furthermore, a disc brake is being installed on the front axle. The optional hardtop is available and can be fitted if desired. An original Zimber wooden steering wheel (the German “Nardi″) is fitted – a very expensive and rare extra at the time.

Extensive service work was carried out on the car recently, documentation can be provided.

Vehicle price on demand
Sold in accordance with § 25 USt.G (no VAT statement possible) on behalf of the customer.
(All information subject to errors and inaccuracies).

BMW 327-28 Cabriolet


BMW 327-328 Cabriolet

Year of manufacture: 1939
Chassis no.: 74 XXX
Engine-No.: 74 XXX
Colour: green/green
Interior: green leather

Mileage: 83.230 km

Model history:
The BMW 327 model was built both as a convertible and, in small numbers, as a coupé between 1937 and 1941.
In the sportier version, the engine from the legendary BMW 328 Roadster with 80 hp was installed which gave the vehicle impressive performance for its time.
Even today, the vehicles shine with “modern” driving performance and convey the well-known “joy of driving”.
482 BMW 327/28 convertibles were built and only a total of 86 coupés were built.

Special features:
The car has been extensively technically overhauled by the company Feierabend and drives powerfully and sportily. For better and safer transmission, a conversion to a Volvo gearbox is currently being carried out. The original ZF gearbox is available.
The car still has the 6V electrical system.
Useful improvements such as a water thermostat and main flow oil filter are beneficial for durability.
The centre lock rims have already been reinforced for added safety.
To improve stability on the road, an axle guide system and telescopic shock absorbers have been installed on the rear axle. In the course of the engine overhaul, a reliable new cylinder head and a reinforced aluminium oil sump were installed.
The car has a heater and a modern radio in the classic original look.
Currently, a large customer service is being carried out with overhaul of the brake system and the complete technical system.

Vehicle history:
Originally delivered as one of 86 coupés built, the car was converted into a convertible by one of its first owners back in the 1940s.
The history is extensive and thoroughly documented.

Price on request:
Sale takes place in accordance with § 25 UStG (no VAT ID possible) on behalf of the customer.
(All information comes from the previous owner and is subject to errors and inaccuracies).

BMW 327 Cabriolet/convertible


BMW 327 Cabriolet

Year of manufacture: 1938
Chassis no.: 73 XXX
Engine no.: 73 XXX
Colour: black-red
Interior: red leather

Model history
Between 1937 and 1941, BMW 327 was built 1224 times as a convertible.
The 2-litre engine with 55 hp provided the car with impressive driving performance and allows the car to keep up well in traffic even today.
The BMW 327 is an ideal touring car and, thanks to its reliability, also suitable for long journeys.

Vehicle history
The car shown here was delivered in blue to Brenner/Berlin on 27 December 1938 .
The last previous owner in the USA drove the car regularly over many years after its restoration. Because of the restoration, which took place some time ago, the car shows signs of patina.

After the car was imported from the USA, it was technically overhauled by Feierabend GmbH in Würzburg, Germany.
Among other things, the engine was completely overhauled with additional parts and its performance was slightly increased thanks to the use of a sports camshaft and raised pistons.

The front and rear shock absorbers as well as the brake system were overhauled, steering knuckles and wheel bearings in the front and rear as well as the rear leaf springs were renewed.

A detailed list of the work carried out by Feierabend GmbH is available .
Currently, an extensive customer service is being carried out.

Price on request.
Sold by commission, in accordance with § 25 USt.G (no VAT statement possible).

BMW 328


BMW 328 Autenrieth-Cabrio

First registration: 1938
Chassis-nr.: 85 XXX
Color: white
Interior: black

Model history:
The BMW 328 is considered to be one of the best sports cars of its time and is still convincing today with its modern driving characteristics and performance data. The car, which was produced in 464 units, was extremely successful in motorsport before and after the war.
In addition to the works roadster, racing models with aerodynamic lightweight bodies as well as special models with weatherproof and “everyday-friendly” convertible bodies were produced by well-known body construction companies based on the lightweight tubular frame.
Alongside the BMW 507 and the BMW M1, the BMW 328 is one of the most sought-after BMW models and one of the most remarkable car models of all time.

Vehicle history:
This vehicle was delivered on August 11th, 1938 as a sports chassis with the chassis number 85 XXX to the company Philipp Müller, Düsseldorf and from there to the company Autenrieth, Darmstadt, to be provided with a special convertible body, which was only built 6 times.
This type of special body was common before the war. Autenrieth obtained the fenders, bonnet, dashboard and other parts from BMW, which were originally installed.
From the cowl onwards, the body differs significantly from the production version. The wooden frame was modified and reinforced to support the enlarged doors with cranked windows and the convertible roof. The rear has an externally accessible trunk. This means that this 328 version is significantly more comfortable than the Roadster, but without losing any of its sportiness.
The Autenrieth commission number is 6655, the body number. 47.
On April 22, 1939, the finished vehicle was delivered to the FP Mostert company in Meerbusch. Due to the chaos of the war, the vehicle was requisitioned by the French general staff and in 1945 came into the hands of a colonel in the French air force. His son took over the vehicle in 1982 and registered it in Paris.
It was later sold to a Düsseldorf vintage garage in Germany. In 1993 a collector from Hamburg took over the car and sold it in 2011 to the current owner, who commissioned the company Feierabend Würzburg to carry out the complete restoration.
As part of the extensively documented extensive restoration, the engine was optimized and reinforced in terms of power and torque.
The brake system on the front axle was converted to an authentic duplex Mille Miglia brake system.
The body and technology have been restored to the highest standard.

The vehicle offered here is a very rare special version with a good history and few changes of ownership. The driving performance of the fast convertible should be emphasized as very sporty and fast.

Price on request:
Sale takes place in accordance with § 25 UStG (no VAT ID possible) on behalf of the customer.
(All information is subject to errors and mistakes).

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