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Highly qualified and interdisciplinary employees in connection with years of experience in the preservation and the Restoration of exclusive vintage cars make us your trusted partner. In addition to high-quality restorations, repairs of all kinds and the construction of spare parts, we also carry out regular inspections and maintenance work. You can also get a large selection of original spare parts from us, especially for BMW models from the 30s and 50s.



The restoration of classic cars requires a high level of trust for both the restorer and the customer.

Whether a certain condition should be maintained or restored is not only an expensive and usually not predictable decision, but also an emotional one. The knowledge and experience that we have today allow us to advise you conscientiously and competently on every aspect of this decision-making process with regard to intrinsic value, security, durability, reliability and handling – for your enjoyment of the classic car!

Many happy and satisfied customers confirm that we are on the right path with our quality standards and our philosophy over the long years of our work.


Your safety in your vehicle is given when your vehicle is on the road without any defects or maintenance backlog. At our location in Würzburg we therefore offer comprehensive advice and Restoration also includes a cross-brand all-round workshop service.

From important safety checks and repairs of all kinds to complete engine overhauls, our well-coordinated and experienced team of foremen carries out all work for you in a professional and routine manner.


he high-quality parts supply for many pre-war BMWs, but also models from the post-war years. The range extends from cylinder heads to body and wear parts. With a view to your driving pleasure and the stability of your vehicle’s value, we manufacture our parts exclusively in the highest quality and using more modern, more wear-resistant materials and extensively test these parts before they are launched on the market.

In addition to the existing inventory of original spare parts, our spare parts department has an international network that has been built up over many years, through which even very rare parts can often still be procured. If a certain spare part is no longer available, We develop and manufacture mechanical replacement parts and components that are true to the original or customized at the Suhl site, among other things


Assessment and vehicle brokerage.

The knowledge from many years of restoration practice, especially for pre- and post-war BMW, is also an invaluable advantage for our customers when it comes to buying, selling, brokering and appraising. A realistic condition report and greatest possible clarity can be ensured as well as the technical Support after a purchase or, for example, technical optimization and preparation before a sale.

Building and managing collections.

The subject matter of classic automobiles is highly complex and the market is fragmented at the same time due to the wide variety of market participants. The selection of the best vehicles requires a lot of experience, extensive detailed and specialist knowledge and, last but not least, an excellent international network with other enthusiasts and model specialists. Due to our many years of experience and international contacts, we are happy to build / expand your collection, especially support in the area of BMW and pre-war models

Racing and rally service.

Would you like professional preparation for your vehicle including technical support for a racing event or are you planning a comprehensive rally adventure? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We take part in many interesting events ourselves and accompany you personally entirely according to your individual wishes and ideas.

Transport, storage and maintenance.

Our transport service brings your vehicle safely and on time to the desired location. We also have secure and dry rooms for professional storage. Your vehicle is available at any time, technically and visually, completely according to your individual wishes. Just drive, you still have to do it yourself.



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About us

Emotionality and personal interest have been our driving forces in the restoration of classic cars for over 60 years. The highest standards of originality and contemporary technology complement this basis to a philosophy that ensures one thing: Pleasure in classic cars.



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