BMW 327 Cabriolet

Year of manufacture: 1938
Chassis no.: 73 XXX
Engine no.: 73 XXX
Colour: black-red
Interior: red leather

Model history
Between 1937 and 1941, BMW 327 was built 1224 times as a convertible.
The 2-litre engine with 55 hp provided the car with impressive driving performance and allows the car to keep up well in traffic even today.
The BMW 327 is an ideal touring car and, thanks to its reliability, also suitable for long journeys.

Vehicle history
The car shown here was delivered in blue to Brenner/Berlin on 27 December 1938 .
The last previous owner in the USA drove the car regularly over many years after its restoration. Because of the restoration, which took place some time ago, the car shows signs of patina.

After the car was imported from the USA, it was technically overhauled by Feierabend GmbH in Würzburg, Germany.
Among other things, the engine was completely overhauled with additional parts and its performance was slightly increased thanks to the use of a sports camshaft and raised pistons.

The front and rear shock absorbers as well as the brake system were overhauled, steering knuckles and wheel bearings in the front and rear as well as the rear leaf springs were renewed.

A detailed list of the work carried out by Feierabend GmbH is available .
Currently, an extensive customer service is being carried out.

Price and more information on request.
Sold by commission, in accordance with § 25 USt.G (no VAT statement possible).

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